Word traffic, which way home??

I have to say someone is really liking my blog page or I have a stalker<— that makes me happy šŸ˜›
97 views by 1 person ? Someone hit a jackpot I say! By someone I mean the one who discovered this blog page! I was born rich, no jackpot could make me richer. Jeva.Is that you??? Coz if it is then I am elated that you are giving this site all the love it deserves.

Just finished watching a documentary called -Which way home. It shows the struggles kids, yes kids, go though trying to make their way across the US border. At 12/14 yrs of age when we are throwing tantrum fits crying how tough life is for us, kids in a land not so far off are trying to be the responsible one so they can provide for their families, cupping dreams of making it big in the unknown land, oblivious of the perils that await them. Sad reality that makes you want to do good in life. Help and be humble about who we are and maybe inspire us to give back to the society and not look down upon the unfortunate . You should give it a shot.


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