Impromptu decisions

Once upon a time there was this impulsive girl who has the desire to see France. That was her whole goal and motivation to jump on a plane and take off without any plan in hand to CDG. There, once she landed she realized she really had no set plan. To the extent that she had no clue where to go and what to really do. This was her first time in Paris at an airport she didn’t know was an hour outside the city centre. Remember, she didn’t do any research so cut her some slack will ya!
Well there she stood in the middle of the airport wondering if she should carry on with this adventure or return back across the pond. She must have truly looked lost as she was approached by a young man who was positive she was lost. That was true indeed. She really was lost. Lost in her thoughts. The gent offered her a lift to the city centre, she sat and had tea and the two got talking. The young man, originally from Vichy was over from Bordeaux dropping his friend off to the airport and was on his way back when he noticed the lost girl. Well, impulsive as this girl was, she decided to take up the young man on his offer and decided she would like to be dropped to the city centre. The two of them spent time around Paris, admiring its majestic architecture and practicing languages they rarely got the chance to polish. Spending time together, talking and discussing different cultures, sexual preferences, family lives, the two hit it off. He offered to leave her at a hotel, she asked if she could tag along all the way to Bordeaux. He was more than happy to take her along, the ride was long and non stop chatter kept the evening alive and shortened the journey.

They covered quite a distance, from Paris travelling all around Bordeaux and touching Spain till San Sebastian. The young man’s job was to be on the road, approach banks with marketing strategies to acquire new customers. While he pitched to his clients she explored the towns, clicking pictures and enjoying tea breaks at little quaint cafes. He spoke to her about his strict upbringing with not much freedom of expression. His repressed inner thoughts and fear of neglect by his family coz of his sexual preference. She gave him her expert advice and the courage to stand up for what felt right to him. They parted ways every evening. Her thankful that she was living an adventure, him probably wondering how he got so lucky as to find a counsellor on the go???

They enjoyed fun moments for a week and then it was time for her to head back across the pond. He drove her back to Paris, hugging and thanking her for helping him put things in perspective. It wasn’t easy for him coming from a Portuguese background living out the French way of life at the same time holding respect for his parents beliefs, wanting not to offend and hurt them. They promised to keep in touch. They did for a while till it fizzled off. They both had gotten what they wanted out of this encounter.
Him an emotional release
Her an adventurous week.


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