500K for losing your mails!

So in the past year I had to avail to the services of our very own Canada Post. Out of 4 packages I sent over seas, 0 were received by addressee. I had to open tickets for every package that Canada Post lost in the mail. They were not stuck at customs they just disappeared. The tracking number shows them in limbo, they can be tracked up to a certain point after which they just simply stay stuck at the same point- never budging , staying totally fixed, angering a surge of colours out of me.
Every time I got on the phone with our friends, explaining them the situation, every time I was told to open a ticket so that an inquiry could be launched, every time the inquiry was launched, it meant I had to wait for a response for them to determine the exact location of my package and a confirmation if it was delivered, which I knew it wasn’t as the addressee never received the package, neither was the registered mail ever returned back to me!!

I will say this that in spite of the fact that I lost valuable documentation, along with my valuable time and money in getting the documents ready for delivery again, Canada post did return me my money for all 4 packages but a full year later! So out of frustration I decided to check who the heck was running this business.

WELL!! GOOD OL MR. CHOPRA! DEEPAK CHOPRA!! I will not comment any further on how he is really running this business and how he actually got the contract in the first place but the heck is he doing with a salary of 500K when he can’t even get his mignons to deliver my post??? Simple post. Simple registered post. To send a letter/ package over-seas, I now use the trusted service of FedEx!! I have to say, if anything Mr. Chopra brought to the table – IST ( Indian Standard Time) way of handling Canadian mail! This is a running joke in India, everything is done at a pace, a pace so slow it would put a snail to sleep. If you want stuff done today, you better have put a work order out 18 years ago!!!

VIVA IST pffff


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