My month and a half long, productive vacation is coming to an end! It was the most restful 50 days I got to spend in the comfort and serenity of my home, away from people. Getting used to the quiet life here in the outskirts of Toronto came with its own challenges. No singing of the party animals was keeping me awake at night, no cigarette smoke of the downtown night owls was making my lungs choke as I walked down the street of this quiet suburb, no scare of getting a ticket as I Jay walk my way over to my favorite Portuguese bakery, and no high fashion stores were beckoning me to walk in to spend my money on items I would barely use, instead my favorite hang out joint here in the suburbs is the thrift store right around the corner form the house that has helped me add an artistic twist to my very own house pets- MY PLANTS!


My plants sit happy and proud!


Antique 80 yr + baby high chair that has seen many babies in its life time, never any like mine đŸ˜€

The time off work gave my body to recuperate from all the globe trotting, giving me the boost I need to re-do it all over again. New year, with new destinations brewing in my head that I wish to visit and the desire to enjoy summer trying to nurture my green thumb is something I am really looking forward to. Change is great, and this one really got me thanking my lucky starts. 2016 has been a fantastic year so far, really looking forward to filling in my blog page with new memories in this new year.


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