“S*** ” Believe you me, b’cause that’s what this is!

OK, all you dejected folks out there, all of you who want sweet revenge, you can thank me at the end of this sweet find. I have known about this for a long time and feel amazed that no one knows of it. NO I have not yet used it on anyone and yes,  it was by pure coincidence that I came across this site. I am thinking of opening a Canadian subsidiary except I am a bit stumped as to what kind of S*** I’ll be able to lay my hands on to package. I’ll definitely need access to the Toronto zoo,so able to offer some good variety pieces of S***

THIS IS NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME FOR HEAVENS SAKE!! And no I am not playing that game where I built it all up and then say at the bottom of the page to click on my link and pay me your hard earned dollars! 

Here it goes: it is called


Just to bring to your notice a few testimonials taken right off their site:

I sent my ex-boyfriend a pile of cow dung about 3 weeks ago and last week one of this friends came up to me in a club and told me about it and asked if it was me who sent it. I said that’s sick and no it wasn’t me. I asked if he was mad and his friend said he’s really pissed off and it’s driving him nuts trying to find out who sent it, he’s going around accusing everyone. He’s pissed off and going nuts accusing friends, you could say that’s like a two for one sale. FANTASTIC! Amber San Diego CA
I’ve been known to be a little demented but you people are down right sick. I have already sent out the cow dung the gorilla shit and the elephant shit all with great success. I don’t know which one I like better. Keep up the great work fellow sickos.Mr. Demented Cleveland OH

Now, the packages do come in different sizes and the prices vary but when you see red, the price shouldn’t be of much of a concern. The only problem i foresee is that this service is only available for our friends across the border…hmmmm, but then again, where there is a will there is a way and then there is Jasmin.

front:business card front back:business card back

You are welcome


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