Socraithe againn ar an meaisín níocháin

Sounds better when typed out in Irish! Makes people wonder the heck this post is all about… I should probably drag it out a bit but its getting close to my movie time so i shall get straight to the point.

Yup,  I fixed our  washing machine! How did I do it? Youtube has the answer to everything and it helps to have a strong husband. Once you have these two things in hand and a keen mind to save some precious dollars b’cause it could be put to  better use e.g. -: the travel fund, then well, you have the recipe all ready to be spread out. All you need to do is add some goats cheese to it, kick your feet up, prepare a nice clove tea and enjoy the fruits of your labor, in my case-  clean laundry! If there is one person who’ll be proud of me, it’s my Dad! Happy daddy’s day to you daddy, your daughter is gifted !!!!!

Right, jokes apart, i really did fix the washing machine but not alone. My handsome man and I make a killer team, we can fix everything we want, depending on how bad we want it.  Washer was a simple enough problem even thought it required us to take the whole piece of machinery apart. I was the instruction manual ( thanks to youtube) and he was the brawn. This whole fixing the appliance business makes me feel invincible. Next stop – take the car apart and see what we can get fixed.

For those of you who have obsolete washing machines and don’t wish to spend $$$$ on getting it fixed by a professional, this one is dedicated to you.



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