That time the world got fooled! Ghosts?

I am scared of the dark, I have an imagination that can scare the life out of me, like yesterday as I was hanging my dress in my wardrobe in pitch dark b’cause I was just too lazy to turn the light switch on, plus the curtains to the room were drawn aside and it was dark outside so turning the light on meant a free show to whoever was peeping inside with a strong set of binoculars …my eyes were fixated on the window outside as I am feeling for the hanger and zipping up the dress for it to fit well on the piece of plastic, all this time imagining what if some scarred face pops up, what will I fling at him/her??
And then there was the time when I decided to face the dark and make a ” ghost video”. A lot might not even believe what I am about to say…

More people believe in the supernatural rather than their rational brain.

If we all were able to rationalize, then religion and those who believe in religion will cease to exist. It will shake their very foundation on which they rest their arguments. That being said, I am not against anyone who practices their faith, on the contrary. Everyone is entitled to live the way they want and believe in what they like, what I am amazed by is how gullible people are. If they see it, they believe it. That isn’t always true, learn to question, and if you do manage to question, then be open to the possibility of more than one answer 🙂

Here is a video I made with my handsome man, the video that fooled a lot ( I don’t mean it in a rebuking way), and made me realize that people want to believe in things they can’t find an answer to. It gives them something to hold on to. Here I was having fun, and there not realizing, I was fueling the myth, the superstition. This is the story, rather the story created by my mettlesome brain :-

Met an old man at the Tramore Beach who talked about the ghost that roams the Fenor Bog. 90 yrs ago a man was accused of the murder of his wife that he dearly loved, soon after he committed suicide… myth is that his ghost walks the bog looking for his wife and is only visible to women at 3 am on the 26th of Dec of every year. I decided to walk the bog alone at 3 am on the 26th of Dec 2014 and this is the video of that night.

This video was shot at 7 pm, I am not totally nuts to face my fear of the dark, you kidding me???


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