Part II of the world got fooled

To carry on the same note, we decided to make another ” ghost” video. This time it was titled – Mystery of the singing kids of the Dunhill Castle!
Am unsure of how the story really goes, but its somewhat on these lines…

The reality:

Dunhill castle, which is a very old dilapidated castle dates as far back as the early 1200’s was built by La Poer family, infamous for launching many attacks on Waterford city. Between the Castle and the church stood the small village of Dunhill which was a string of wooden houses. In 1345 the La Poer’s destroyed the area around city but were counter-attacked, taken prisoner and hanged. The remaining members of the Power clan join forces with the O’ Driscoll family. This alliance would attack Waterford many times over the next 100 years, with both success and failure.

The myth created by us :

The power family had kids that were mercilessly slaughtered like pigs. Once upon a time where you could hear the laughter of the kids, now stood an abandoned old structure which further deteriorated  in 1912 when the east wall of the castle collapsed during a storm. It was then reported by kids playing in the area that at nightfall they could hear the sounds of kids singing and laughing. Well so we decided to explore it…. caught on tape is the evening of that one night on the 5th of January 2015 when we heard the, well hear it for yourselves!




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