St. Jacobs ON, with Googles

Visited this quaint little town in Ontario today. For those who are interested in the Mennonite heritage, this little town will enthrall you with its beautiful designer clothes, quilts, pottery, Old factory, farmers market and nature walks amongst many other retail shops and restaurants.

The drive itself to St Jacobs is beautiful, the lovely town of Erin en route simply took my breath away, and why wouldn’t it? Erin is a Hiberno-English derivative of the Irish word “Éirinn”. “Éirinn” is the dative case of the Irish word for Ireland .  I would love to insert a 4 leaf clover here but that’s simply too much work, just imagine it. I am going off topic, yes so the town of St Jacobs…

Well my mum and sister would more likely be able to talk about all the finer things this place has to offer, as for me, I took off with my niece on a nature walk. A good 4 km walk to the Conestoga river dam. Along the way we met the ” chiTmunks”, a caterpillar with spikes, a very nice man who took our picture together, we also discovered that little insects and bugs are not all out to get us but it is their innocent way of letting us know that they love us by giving us ” kisses” not bites, these are kisses!

We also figured out that we cannot “marry” mother nature, we can only ” marry ” a human being – it has to be a human being, can’t be an animal or insect OR mother nature BUT a human being – MAN OR WOMAN, who loves us.  That is very important. We realized that 1.5 + 1.5 is actually 2.5 and not 3!! Go figure, all these years I had it all wrong. Also, 1/2+1/2 equals 2 halves! NOT 1 but 2 halves!

We realized that it is OK to get wet in the rain unlike “nama” ,( grand-ma) who hates getting wet in the rain. We realized never to trust Aunt Jasmin when she says it is ok to pee behind the tree, that no one can see you, that no one else is on the trail, when 5 kids come running out of no-where!

Life is so different when looked at thought the eyes of an innocent 7-year-old. St Jacobs is beautiful but only if you have a 7 year old nature walker in tow!


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