Moondog Day!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

For those who have read any of these random rants and blogs, you would be familiar with the – moon dog diaries! I have a few of them down …

This girl is something! Those who know her already know how lucky they are to call her their friend and have her as a part of their life. Some one who will make you laugh, will even wax your legs and paint your nails, someone who will be there for you in the hardest moments of your life- distracting you with fun stories and ideas, things to do. That’s my moon-dog. It is her birthday, actually was her birthday, yesterday. I like being late as it makes me stand out with my well wishes for a beautiful soul.

Over the years, I have come to realize how people enter and exit your life, due to you outgrowing them or vice-versa. Some stay, and will always stay. Not b’cause of pure habit of having them in your life but because interaction with such people makes your life richer. They add a positive twist to your life, they are sure of who they are and can fight negativity with their positive attitude. Their morals are strong and in the right place, they know how to forgive, accept, are open and willing to make a change for the better. Above all they true to themselves. I wish you, my dear friend all the happiness this world has to offer and more.

These pictures were taken after one of our ONLY serious brawl, can you tell we know how to hold a grudge??? I love you moon-dog, hope to make more memories with you- let’s do it in a foreign land this time, what do you say? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PERFECT ROOM-MATE


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