An update on Einstein

A few days ago I had a dream of a beautiful bird with colorful feathers, in my dream I knew it was Einstein even though it didn’t look  anything like my little ugly bird. His story is over a month old, everything is back to normal this end with an addition of a bird feeder right in the middle of the front garden. The perfect view from my couch where I plant myself every morning with my cup of ginger tea and dark chocolate. There is something relaxing about watching a handful of birds picking at bird seeds with squirrels scavenging from the ground sharing their loot with the doves that are far too fat to place themselves on the bird feeder that is meant for the little birds.

The whole neighborhood is quite and then there is our place buzzing with the sound of content little hearts, singing and making a mess that is then being cleaned up by other hungry critters. I had sent out an email to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary inquiring about the fate of my little pet and here is the response I received that just made my day!

Here is our email exchange -:

Good day Monika,
Hope this message finds you in good health and great spirit. It’s been just over a month and I was meaning to send out an email earlier. Was wondering how Einstein’s transition went from being a little feedling to a happy bird in his new environment. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Was he successfully released into the wild? I know you are very busy so please respond when you have the time.  
Again, thank you for all that you do for the most pure and vulnerable. 
Kind regards,
Jasmin 🙂


Hi Jasmin

Little Einstein is wild and free now.  He grew up to be quite handsome and strong, and was released with the other starlings about 3 weeks ago.  For several days I was able to keep track of him, he would come and “buzz” over our heads!
But we have a large wild flock that frequents our sanctuary and I’m pretty sure he joined up with them, and it’s no longer possible to see who is who.
Thanks for caring!

If you are feeling generous and want to help out then please support this privately run Animal Rescue Service. I have seen it first hand and experienced what they do and how dedicated they are to saving the wildlife. Where other animal services refused and even wanted to put down a perfectly healthy bird and threatened me with the law and its consequences, this place was the only place willing to help out a ” common” bird and give it a chance at life. Any amount is helpful. This place depends on public donations and is not supported by any government organization. Its is a registered charity and they will provide you with a receipt for donations over $20.00.

I will forever be thankful to Monika and her crew for taking in Einstein and giving it a change at life !

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