It’s time to press it!

When in Manchester…

Right, that’s how i wanted to start this post. I have no excuses at all for disappearing like i did, i call this ” life happens”. From being so productive in writing down random thoughts to being so non-productive in the last few months, but then again, who says I have been non-productive? Things have been rolling in the right direction and that’s all there is to it. As i sit in my bed with a head cold and clogged up sinuses, a cup of green tea on my bed side, I am here to talk about my past few months.

I attended my first Symphony Orchestra in the month of May, thanks to a colleague who mentioned that he was going. Something that I wanted to see for such a long time and finally had the chance to, in Manchester UK. The whole experience was a bit emotional and I am not necessarily someone who understands symphony. However, that being said- the stings of my heart were definitely plucked opening the flood gates only because it was simply so beautiful. An experience worth remembering.

Manchester always keeps me entertained. There is tons to see and do around the city that doesn’t cost money and is culturally enriching. If you are laying over in MAN for more than 48 hrs, be sure to visit the Manchester Art Galley. Not even a stones throw from the crew hotel is this fantastic art gallery that is a host to over 10,000 paintings and is a perfect place to spend your day admiring art and photography.

Another one of my favourites is the Chetham’s Library. Not many know this but believe it or not I do have a degree in Library Information Sciences. Who would have thought?! This is one of the oldest public libraries, situated in the city center providing access  to a huge collection of books FREE OF COST. You will find rare and antique books and even if you are not a book lover, just visiting this library will make you one. It’s one of Manchester’s hidden gems and definitely merits you sitting in one of the library’s reading rooms taking in all the knowledge you can. Knowledge is heavy so make sure you use both your hands in lifting it off the shelves.

This one probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but Manchester has this amazing Donkey Sanctuary. I got hooked on to donkey’s ever since i realized my handsome husband had a soft spot for this animal. It’s not an  animal not many think about, an animal that is abused and ill-treated and not given the respect it deserves for being head strong ,stubborn and sure of itself. Well, after visiting my first Donkey Sanctuary in the south of Spain, I have made it my mission to visit every donkey sanctuary I can, and it just so happens there is one – a very good one- in Manchester. This place has ended up being one of the most successful international charities today, providing donkey assisted therapy to children across the UK and internationally. Animal therapy is long used in providing vulnerable people with opportunities for emotional connection, social interaction, communication and confidence-building and I am glad to say that this charity has achieved this and much more. A must visit for all those who love and care about animals.

Then of course there is always the train that can take to Wales… that’s for another time. This post has been sitting on my laptop for over 9 hours, it’s time that i press it.


2 thoughts on “It’s time to press it!

  1. Hi Jasmine!

    Thank you for this wonderful post! I also have heavily blogged about Manchester’s many free activities. I will surely visit the donkeys sounds so rewarding to show them some love.

    I have been to Chetam’s library and it is an ancient house of treasures, I agree.

    The music school of same name knocked me over with the free midday concerts of the students. Wow.

    I just visited your museum and the café was well worth eating at. To add to your list, went to Whitmore gallery and enjoyed it and on the way back stopped to eat at 8th day cafe in the basement of a health food store. Delicious!

    Thank you for your post your make my day! Hope you feel better…we are at the burn out portion of layovers with so much flying.
    …but we will be up and running soon no doubt. And enlightening the world, 1 post at a time. Let’s chat Croatia I have some ideas and a friend will join us. Big sterile hug and feel better!

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    • Your message always bring a smile to my face. I am exactly where i was last evening – sitting and drinking my green tea hoping the antioxydants from the tea will fix me, yet to be seen. For Croatia, Carl and myself are all set to depart on Sept 26th and return on Oct 6th. Join us in Croatia. Once there I will keep you posted regarding our carbon footprint so you can come add yours to the mix heheh. There is so much more to write about MAN but I detest long posts so I typed out just my favourite things to do when there. 8th day cafe sounds delish, I need to definitely pay them a visit. One day in the near future… until we meet again somewhere in the friendly skies xoxoxooxxo BEHAVE NOW!


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