He shot me, so I shot him! Hope he knows he is famous now.

There is something relaxing about blogging. As we all know, the trend that I follow is nothing short of random but there is still something comforting about typing out whatever random thought enters my mind.

The title of today’s blog suggests something sinister and intriguing at the same time. It all started when I decided to make my way over to the small walled market town of Conwy in Wales. It is around 1h50 minutes by train from Manchester Piccadilly station to Llandudno Junction from where you can walk over to this beautiful town not even at a distance of 20 mins. The walk over is pleasant and along the way if you are a fan of antique furniture then do make a stop at Collinge Antiques. The gentleman who owns the place is very pleasant and even if you are there to browse, you won’t feel rushed or unaccepted. The store is open 7 days a week and is worth checking out.

As you approach Conwy, this imposing 13th century castle stands majestically overlooking the Conwy River. Interestingly the people born in Conwy are called jackdaws – bird in the crow family. I remember taking care of an injured one when I was a teenager. A very intelligent bird, and a very predominant feature strutting the walls of Conwy castle. The entrance fee to the castle is under £6.00 and is well worth visiting to take in the awe-inspiring views of the mountains and the sea. It was here that the incident occured. As I made my way over to the top of one of its 8 massive towers, the only one that wasn’t full of tourists, I was able to take this stunning picture.
Standing there taking the view in and literally blocking the entrance from others getting to the top, I was enjoying my moment of solitude when this nasty seagull decided to excrement on me. It matched well with my maroon trench and white silk scarf. Couldn’t even tell what hit me till I felt it’s warmth trickle down my hand and then a reaction so ghastly that it caught his attention. Well this smart arse on the other tower captured everything on his camera. When i turned around I was met by this cheeky grin so I had to return the favor! So I shot him back!

Voilà, that’s the story behind the title. Carrying forward, the rest of the day was quite uneventful. A stroll down the town center took me to this most delicious gluten free fish and chips place that I’ve ever tasted. The batter was perfect, the place equally pleasant called The Archway. Not far is the Elizabethan townhouse in Conwy from the 16th Century. It’s best to buy a combined ticket for the castle and the Plas Mawr, ends up being of better value. The house is very well preserved and you are truly transported back in time. The gardens are amazing though flowers were not yet in full bloom but the view from the stairs to the attic are quite breathtaking, don’t forget to close the windows when you have finished.


Another historic building, though 3.05 metres x 1.8 metres in dimensions is the Smallest house in Britain. The line up outside is long but if you have the time to pop in, it’s quite quaint and won’t take an hour to complete the tour. The entrance fee is £1 and you have to see it to appreciate how living there could work. The house is still owned by the descendants of Robert Jones, a 6ft tall fisherman who had to abandon his abode on issues of hygiene.
And finally the first thing you see entering into Conwy is the magnificent Suspension bridge, an engineering marvel from where you can capture pictures of the harbor and the river.
View of the Suspension Bridge from one of the Castle Towers.
The day was well spent exploring this wonderful little gem in Wales. On my way back as I gave a last glace to what I had experienced, nature thanked me in it’s own way. I heart(ed) my visit and Conwy heart(ed) me



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