Go fish Moondog !

Moon dog came over! Her visit was the highlight of my month, because you know, her presence = F U N

Our time together was long overdue. It always happens spontaneously, and that’s what makes it so memorable.

Plans were being hatched as to what we could do in the short time we had together. The weather was supposed to be decent except it wasn’t. Rain and thunder was on our tail and we couldn’t let anything dampen our spirits. After dropping the bags at home and changing into comfortable gear we decided to hit the road, not knowing where we were going and what we were doing. Then suddenly, she blurs out


What? Fishing?? OK! Swung the car in the parking lot of a shopping area and we were on our phones looking for a place to go fishing. BURDS FAMILY FISHING got 4.6 stars and 30+ reviews suggested that there is no place like Burds. It was 45 mins away and well, we had nothing better to do than to explore. WE were on our way. What followed next is an experience I will forever remember as that day I murdered and stabbed my favourite worm and yanked out fish that tasted so good.

We were greeted by Anthony (moon confirm the name plz!) who was a young man in his early 20’s and was the only employee available that day and was not expecting to see anyone come over in the middle of a weekday to fish. He was kind enough to give us a cup full of worms, free of cost, along with 2 fishing rods. We were only charged for 1. It was our lucky day.  A quick run down of how to use the rods and reminder that this is a fish and keep farm, we were on our way over to the pond to fish for our supper. Anthony gave us gloves to handle the worms in case we were not comfortable handling them with our bare hands. I wasn’t comfortable handling anything with my bare hands and had the gloves on the whole time.

This was the most daunting task. Moon was sitting there breaking her long earthworms in two, stabbing them and hooking them on and was ready to cast her bait. I on the other hand was dry heaving and cringing at the mere thought of breaking my earthworm in two. Ever since I was little I have a soft spot for earthworms. It didn’t always start off being like that. This myth that I had heard when I was younger, and of course I had to try it out, said that if you throw salt on earthworm, it melts. Earthworms are highly sensitive to salt, they breath through their skin and being exposed to high concentration of salt causes mortality as it destroys their skin. Ever since that myth was confirmed the feeling of guilt for killing these harmless creatures was so strong that till date if I see an earthworm struggling to make its way into the soil or after rain is lying helplessly on the concrete, I will pick i up and leave it in a safe area.

Knowing that I now had to tear this worm into two and hook it so I can catch a fish was a bit overwhelming but I came around it. After pleading numerous times to moon, asking her to give me her broken worm, it was finally my turn to toughen up and tear the worm. It was done. Over and over again.

It took forever to get the hang of fling and release so that the line could be cast. Finally after seeing the pro in action (moon of course) it sunk in and we were both on our way to catching our first fish of the day. Moondog caught her fish first. The excitement and the screams that followed were something out of a horror flick. This fish was huge and heavy and needed the support of both hands to reel it in. As it was hanging on the line, Anthony after hearing our screams of excitement and horror came running to our aid. He pulled the flapping fish off the hook and handed it out to moon so she could pose with our dinner.


moon with her fish


yes, it is yucky!


I caught my first fish


My dinner and me

Next was my turn. This was the moment I had been dreading after I got over the initial shock of splitting and stabbing earthworms. 10 minutes after moon caught her fish I had mine bite my bait and run off with it. The little thief left me nothing on my hook and after securing another worm, we were back to reeling a fine catch in. It was HEAVY. My spindly arms were tugging on that rod and fingers were fast turning the handle. There emerged a flapping silvery cold blooded aquatic sea creature, looking more like a monster to me. He was secure on my rod. As I pulled him in, its flapping body was following me all over, rightfully so. He was still attached to my fishing rod.

Unlike moondog, I was not brave enough to hold my fish still alive in my hands. Anthony came over and after pulling the trout off the line he slammed its little head against the rock and knocked him out stone cold. What followed were more shrieks and gagging, though it doesn’t seem so in the pictures.  After securing our fish we made our way over to Anthony where he scaled them and beheaded the poor thing and ripped its heart out. Getting it ready for us to cook later that evening.


Moon staring at the fish heart


fish heart

He placed the beating heart on the table and moon proceeded to give it CPR with her little finger. The heart beats on being touched and that went on for a good 45 seconds or so. Who would have known that this day would have ended up being so brutally educative. We thanked Anthony for bearing up and being so kind to us. In our hands we left with 3 trouts that we devoured later that evening and memories of the day we shall never forget for a long time to come. Never a dull moment when moon is in town.


Come back again, your room is ready XOXO


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