Blog it instead

“Sacred cow’s make the best hamburgers”

Imagine the outrage on that one! Would the Hindu’s kill their sacred cow to feed their hungry kids? I am sure if they were hungry enough they would kill anything. Well with all these useless war’s around the world in the name of religious if humans can be killed then why can’t we kill a cow and enjoy a decent hamburger?

Am trying to comprehend the origin of all these meaningless killings. In the end all we need is space wide enough for us to lay down still in and call it a life! Have to say the conniving ones that came up with the concept of “religion” must have been some psychologists to be able to alter the mind of the masses to such a degree that today we have sub branches of the same. But wait, that would mean that everything was born out of one source! Except try explaining that to those who strap bombs to their chests and die in the name of religion, and others who are dying in the name of their so-called “holy” land and then there are those who probably will kill for their sacred cows!!

World is full of unique minds that i have a hard time comprehending. How about we all stop listening to drivel and maybe focus our energies on plain blogging about it instead? I am sure it would sort out world problems.


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