Status quo

Confused? Well, that is the state most of us are always in. Nothing to be ashamed of. I was reading about motivational interviewing and how that is a positive technique that psychologists and counsellors are using these days to deal with people suffering from addiction -drug addiction. If this technique of listening, guiding and directing is applied in our day-to-day life- the word “confused” will cease to exist.

Most of us, well at lease i fall in that category, are so eager to fix everyone’s problems that we probably don’t even know the real meaning of the word “listen”. Talk over others, make sure our words are being heard lest we come across as being not so bright. How about taking a step back and letting the other person do the talking? People wish for their problems to be resolved so they pour their life stories out on to any keen ear. The one lending that ear thinks they possess the power to fix that other person’s misery. If only majority of us would plain be the listening ear and not the directing tongue, things would pan out for that unhappy soul.

Next time you have a friend who is going through some hardship in life or a break up that is too hard for them to cope up with, don’t think you possess the power of  fixing their problems. Don’t we all already know that only those going through that rough patch possess the power to ease out the wrinkles in their lives? Take a step back, listen to their story, don’t adlib and definitely don’t think you know the solutions to their problems, because even if you know you do, they are not there for that. Detach yourself from their unfortunate situation, lend an ear that’s all you can do.

Well, that’s all I can do…


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